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Welcome - we provide impartial information to help you get Christian TV and Radio.

Unlike America, with many Christian Stations, we in the UK have to try a bit harder to get Christian TV and Radio. Here, only satellite has a wide range of Christian channels. Hence this website, where we explain the different ways to get a system with no rental or contract.

We also explain the alternatives to satellite, like the Internet, DAB and Freeview and we have a list of other ways to get Christian TV and Radio.

New to satellite? No problem - get to know the subject quickly by looking through the first three pages of this guide. In a hurry? See our Brief site Summary.

Why have we produced this site?

We are Christians who love the daily blessing of Christian broadcasting. We want you to be blessed as well so we've done the research and put the results here. We don't sell anything and have no adverts. We are non-commercial and independent of all suppliers and broadcasters.
If you don't yet receive Christian TV and Radio, let us help you to discover the rich variety of encouraging, refreshing and empowering broadcasting that's available now all over the UK.
Please use this site - and don't miss out any longer!

Did you know?.... with Satellite in the UK

Six satellite myths!

1. “Satellite will cost me 40 per month”

False! For a one-off cost of 175 you can have a Freesat from Sky system or, for about 250, a Non-Sky, Free-to-Air system. Both will receive over 300 channels (and over 25 Christian channels) with no rental or further cost.

2. “You have to subscribe to Sky”

False! Over 300 channels of TV & Radio are broadcast 'Free-to-Air'. You can receive them for nothing. A Sky digibox has a slot for a 'TV viewing card'. But a card is only required if you want encrypted channels - the subscription channels for Sports, Films and Documentaries etc.

3. “You can only get a Sky system from Sky”

False! You can buy your own Sky digibox either new, refurbished or secondhand. You can fit a dish yourself or ask a satellite installer to fit one for you. You might prefer a Non-Sky system. These are able to receive all the Christian channels.

4. “You need to have a satellite dish on the house”

False! A dish can be placed discreetly in a garden. Ask your installer to place your dish thoughtfully. As long as it is south facing it can go on a chimney stack or the side or rear of a house. Talk to an installer and find out what options you have. Even a prominently placed dish can be painted (with non-metallic paint) to help disguise it without affecting reception.

5. “I cannot get Christian Radio where I live”

Christian satellite broadcasts can be received in 98% of the UK. Unless you have dish placement restrictions, or live behind a hill, a tall building or high trees, you should be OK. Or try a DAB radio for UCB Christian Radio, now broadcasting over much of the UK.

HiFi with digibox

The 'radio tuner' in this Hi-Fi is a
Sky digibox! It's not connected to a TV at all.

6. “You can only hear satellite radio through the TV”

False! Apart from the Pace Minibox, every Sky digibox has an Audio output. Connect this to a stereo system using a stereo Phono lead and then, without a TV, the digibox can be used like a radio tuner. It works very well. We've been listening to Christian Radio this way for years.

Don't miss out!

From these Six Myths you can see we need to get a clear message out that satellite is easy, good value and the best way to get Christian TV & Radio. Don't miss out yourself. Read on and discover how you can be blessed. And, help your church to find out about Christian TV and Radio by linking to us from your website. Also, use our ready made articles on the Press Releases page.

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