Are E Cigs As Dangerous As Tobacco?

e-cigaretteMuch debate is brewing about the potential hazards of electronic cigarettes. While there are always two sides to every story, most often, there is one that is more accurate. As you ponder the debate and how it may impact you, make sure you understand the facts.

There Are Billions At Stake

Don’t be fooled into thinking that anything other than money is fueling this debate. While your personal physician may have your best interest in mind, other medical “experts” are being recruited as a voice for the side of selling. There is so much money in tobacco and e cigs as well that nearly everything you read or hear about is motivated by that force alone.

Tobacco Is A Known Variable

As the industry weighs in on the safety of e cigs, we already know how deadly tobacco is. With thousands of carcinogens and decades of statistics, it is an established fact that smoking tobacco disrupts the cellular activity in your body and wreaks all kinds of havoc. Anybody who can use the e cig to stop smoking is doing themselves an enormous favor. One that could possibly save their life.

As statistics are manipulated in the e cig debate, keep your own situation in perspective. Can you use them to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke or even to quit completely? Maybe someone you love can. There are many benefits to e cigs, and that is indisputable.

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