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How to Cancel Sky

Why Cancel?

Because . .
Are you wasting money?

Are you wasting money?

Give to Christian Broadcasters instead of Sky!

If you decide to cancel Sky, the money you save could be donated to a Christian Broadcaster.
They need your help as they strive to bring Christian TV and Radio to the UK.

You don't need to pay Sky for any Christian Broadcast - they are all free. And your Sky box will still receive around 300 Free-to-Air TV and Radio channels on Sky - including all the Christian, BBC and ITV channels. The TV Viewing Card is only needed for Sky subscription channels and Ch4 and Ch5. Prove it! Just remove the TV viewing card from your Sky box and then see (and hear) how much you can still receive without it.

You keep the system but . .

Your Sky box and dish are yours, so you keep them if you cancel Sky. But, if your system becomes faulty after you have cancelled, Sky will not be interested. You'll have to call a satellite installer instead. Find one on our Find an Installer page.

You can now cancel a Sky TV contract and still keep the Broadband service but the Broadband will cost you more. Details at the Sky Broadband Shop
Thanks to Richard Firth for this update.

If you want Sky Parental Control leave your card in the box. Should the card ever stop giving Sky Parental Control, you can then buy a 5 year TV Viewing Card from Freesat-from-Sky for 20 by ringing 08448 244 400.

How to Cancel your Sky contract

Cancel by Phone

From the feedback we receive, calling Sky Customer Services will be a challenge. Keep a cool head and be firm. Your call will be transfered to the Cancellations department. You will be encouraged not to cancel and offered some deal to keep you with Sky a little longer. The 31 day notice period starts on the day you ring to cancel.

Is Sky your Phone Provider?

If you have the Sky phone service you can call 150 from your Sky landline and follow the options to talk to the cancellation department. This is freephone and you will not be charged, regardless of where you are transferred to. Thanks Sarah for this info!

If Sky provide your phone service dial 150 (see box on right of this page).
To find a cheaper alternative to Sky's expensive premium number: search at www.saynoto0870.com/search.php. The expensive way to call is to dial 08442 41 41 41 from the UK or 0818 719 819 from the Republic of Ireland

Phoning Sky WILL BE A CHALLENGE and can be very frustrating and time consuming so be warned! Get familiar with the points above and read through these examples below to get yourself prepared!

Here's the experience of Rob who first tried emailing Sky but ended up having to phone.... “Well I now believe that I have reached a conclusion with Sky. The saga ends as follows: I contacted Sky through 'My Sky' as below on 1st September. (I still do not recognise the requirement to give notice within the last 31 days of the minimum term from the Terms of the Agreement with Sky). The email was eventually answered some 3 days later.
The gist was as follows:
To deal with this they need to speak directly to you. They request that either:
a) return this email to arrange some suitable times for them to phone (Monday to Friday, give 2 times)
b) Alternatively you can call us on 08442 41 41 41
Then the following line "If you have changed your mind about your request, then please do not respond to this e-mail"
The last line is the killer, if the mail goes missing or for whatever reason the mail is not answered then Sky consider that the customer has changed his mind!
I immediately returned email with two suitable times that I could be contacted that very day. However no phone call and hence, that same day I called the dreaded 414141 number myself. The young lady was not able initially to accept the notice given on 1st September, rather could accept "notice to commence from today", I remonstrated and she broke off to confer with others. That took ages and I rang off. I then spoke to another chap on 414141 who eventually accepted that notice had been served on 1st September and agreed a termination date of 2nd October (31 days on from notice day as you yourself had pointed out to me, 30 days in September!!) As I speak I note that a direct debit for one day's viewing has been taken from my account. The Sky box is dead (I pulled the plugs). SO I'M FREE!
So what have I learnt from this?
1) That it would appear that Sky require a voice to voice confrontation in order to accept cancellation. The communication through "My Sky" is not sufficient for them. At best, with some arguing the My Sky merely starts the countdown of the 31 day notice.
2) That the 414141 number must give Sky a nice return. Calls are likely to be protracted.
3) That I shall not contract with Sky again. Indeed that was the reason I gave the Sky people for wanting out and this they accepted without argument.
4) I shall continue with Freesat only on a dedicated Freesat box.
5) That your site, ChristianSat gave me the support and advice that I could use to good effect. All thanks to you.
Hope this stuff is useful. sincerely Rob ”

Forgotten your Sky Account Number?

Sky box NOT connected to a phone line

Chris says The quickest way I found is to go online to your Sky account and change your PIN. When Sky send you a confirmation of the change this has your account number on it. Thanks Chris for this info!

Sky box IS connected to a phone line

To find it, view your Sky Statement on your TV. Press Interactive. Press select and choose Sky Active.
Highlight my account and press select.
Highlight manage my account and press select.
A welcome message appears. Press select.
ENTER:your PIN NUMBER and press select.
Highlight view my Sky Bill.
This will provide your account number - write it down and keep safe.
The account number will also be on your contract documents and is (I am told) on the Sky monthly Magazine as part of your address.
Thanks to K V for this info.

Here's the experience of M L.... “I've cancelled my Sky subscription ...... It was terrible phoning Sky to cancel. They kept me waiting an hour before I put the phone down, and it was one of those premium numbers too. In the end I emailed them and of course wished I'd done that in the beginning.”

Jo told us of her experience when cancelling by phone.... “Hi The 015... number works OK. I made every effort to be polite and I did point out that I was old enough to be allowed out without my mother as were my children so could we cut to the chase. There was a lot of quiet the other end as the script failed and I got cancelled in about 5 minutes overall. Interesting to note that the one link I found on the sky website to 'cancel' said contact 'customer services here' and then the link goes to contact us - which has oodles of numbers but none for 'customer services'. Cute huh!? Thanks for the helpful website. Forewarned was forarmed and I got through the whole thing quickly. Polite but firm and don't answer unecessary questions. Oh and write down the name date etc of the contact. ”.

Alison told us how she called Sky on a cheaper number.... “Hi I thought you might like to know how I was able to contact Sky on a non 0870 number. I looked on www.saynoto0870.com and put in the Sky 08702 40 40 40 number and it came up with an alternative number. I was put through to the cancellation department. They did go on a bit about what else I could do instead of cancel but I eventually just said no and cancelled. Hope this is useful. ”.

Tommy cancelled successfully by phone too.... “Followed your advice and dialled 0150etc operator number and was dealt with quickly - 10 mins! Was insistant and clear and did not enter into 'offered' conversation for better deals and so on and the whole thing seemed to go well. We'll see what happens in 30 days when it stops.... ”.

Richard was leaving the country which speeded up the call... “I decided to try calling in instead of emailing in as I'd like to tick this off my "to do" list. So, here's what happened: 7 Nov 08 - Called Sky at 01506 421884 (NOTE: Sky have now blocked this number) and a live Operator answered and transferred me to the Cancellation Dept. On hold for about 1 minute.
Talked with Rachel. Did the "security verification" ie confirmed name, address, home number, birthday and password (had to guess but got it) Said I'm leaving the country (which is true) so she skipped the offers. (yah!) Equipment is mine to keep since I'm past the 12 month contract, and she said to take out the viewing card and destroy it before giving/selling the equipment to someone else. She typed away and took a couple minutes to "cancel out the account".
Now cancelled, a letter will be sent out via post confirming this. Since the bank requires 14 days notice to stop the auto-debit, the next payment will still come out of my bank automatically on Nov 10th, but 10 Nov will be the last payment. After that payment comes out, I'll have a 3.70 credit on my Sky account and I can call customer service to get the 3.70 credit refunded. Total time: 8 mins from start to finish including hold time.”

David cancelled in under 5 minutes and was thanked for being honest! “I decided to phone so that I knew it was done straight away. I was only on the phone 4m 30s, including getting to the correct department. I told her I wanted to cancel, that I was going to Virgin (we get Virgin's basic package free with broadband - but we'll continue to use the Sky box for FTA channels including the Christian ones), that Virgin was being installed next week and I didn't want to waste her time trying to persuade me otherwise. She thanked me for being honest, was very friendly and the job was done in a few minutes.
Although I think she would have tried to offer me a deal, I've read a lot of comment on the net that Sky aren't doing that as much because of the recession. It's more 'take it or leave it' than ever before.”

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Cancel Online

From our feedback it seems that cancelling online is now a waste of time, but here's how it is supposed to work. You can either email Sky or, if you have a Sky iD account, you can go to Sky's website and complete their Contact Us form.

To cancel by email: email Sky at email
Sky will need to know your full name, address, account number, viewing card number and any password on the account.
Thanks to Dave Lee for sending me the email address.

To cancel on Sky's website: If you have a Sky iD account you'll be able to access their Contact Us form. Go to the Sky Help Centre on top right of screen click Sign In and sign in with your Username and Password. Once you see the form, follow these steps....

Thanks to Chris for confirming this method still works.

Sky should confirm quickly that your account is cancelled - by email or phone or both. If you don't get confirmation by the date expected, get on the phone or write or complete the online form again. Basically, be prepared and be firm! Why do I say that? Because I get so many emails from very unhappy people!

K S used the General Enquiry Form and told me.... “I cancelled Sky on the 20th of Oct, and they rang me to confirm. They also sent me an email on the 28th.”

Kathleen has just cancelled online. Here's her story... I sent in my request to cancel on 12th December '08 and about one week later had a phone call from Sky. However the lady calling me spoke with a pronounced foreign accent and I couldn't understand her. I told her so and she hung up! On the 21st Dec. I had an email asking me to give a date when they could phone me, and this I did. However they didn't phone and instead sent me an email on the 24th Dec. accepting my request to cancel, the cancellation period to run from the date of my original email, i.e. 12th December 2008. I hope my experience is of some help to you.

DFY cancelled online - here's how... I used the Sky Contact us form to cancel, they 'phoned 5 days later to try to persuade me to stay with various offers (I just kept saying I am cancelling). Once I had told them I had instructed my bank to cancel the Direct Debit in 30 days they gave up. I received confirmation of termination by e-mail 5 days later. They do not give up graciously, but become very abrupt. It is worth keeping your viewing card in the Sky HD box as you still get BBC HD and an amazing number of other channels (they told me I would not be able to view BBC HD but you can).

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If you see anything on this site that's incorrect or unclear, please contact us and we'll put it right!
Thanks, Steve Lee.

Cancel by Post

The 31 day period is supposed to start from the date of your letter so make sure you date it clearly. But, in typically unhelpful fashion, Carl found that Sky now insist that the 31 days notice begins from the date they respond to your letter - see his message below.
Sky will need to know your full name, address, account number, viewing card number and any password on the account.
Write to:-
Sky Subscribers Services Limited, Customer Care Department, PO Box 99, Kirton Campus, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7PR

Carl wrote to cancel but beware, Sky required a 31 day notice period. He says: “I wrote to Sky requesting they cancel my Sky subscription 30 days from the date of my letter. Full name, address, account number, viewing card number and password were provided and clearly highlighted. I notified them I would be cancelling my Direct Debit following my next payment 2 days hence and therefore would not expect any further debits. However Sky had other ideas!!
So I thought you should be aware that when cancelling Sky by post they:
1) initiate the 31 (not 30!) day notice of cancellation from the date they action it and not the date of your letter according to Customer Services.
2) bill you for the extra days following your original 30 day notice period to the date they have confirmed your Sky subscription will cease.
3) if you cancel your direct debit they add a further administration charge of 3-91 to your bill.
4) if you refuse pay these additional charges and clear your account Customer Services informed me they will cancel the 'request to cancel' your Sky subscription and continue billing you with the additional admin charges!!!
Furthermore it took over 15 minutes on their premium rated phone line to be informed of the above. So I guess I'm going to have to pay the additional charges or face the prospect of indefinite bills being charged to my account. Please make other users of your site aware of this '31' day notice from date received requirement.”
Thanks, Carl for this very helpful information.

C L tried online but then had to write.... “There was no response from Sky to my online cancellation. I have now cancelled by post. Thank you for your assistance.”

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