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Sky Christian Channels

Here's a list of the Christian channels currently available on Sky.
Please note: If a channel is listed here it does not imply that we endorse it. We believe that much that is broadcast is not culturally appropriate to the majority of viewers in the UK. Our personal view is that, on the whole, the radio channels are more inspiring and relevant than many TV channels.
For details of the few Christian channels on BBC/ITV's Freesat, go to our BBC/ITV's Freesat page.

Sky digital Christian TV

199   Open Heavens TV London. Christian and wholesome programmes
580   GOD Channel Preaching, teaching, worship from the UK and around the world
581   Revelation London. Christian programming from the UK and USA
583   TBN Europe Christian programming from around the world
584   Daystar USA. Creation videos with music. Teaching and preaching
585   UCB TV UK. Christian programming, culturally relevant to the UK & Ireland
586   Loveworld TV London. US style Preaching. Teaching, Praise/worship, interviews
587   Inspiration Network Int. Global programming. Christian lifestyle. Kids, Youth, Films and Missionary bias.
588   Gospel Channel Europe From Iceland. Programming mostly from the USA and Scandinavia.
589   Eternal Word TV Network         (Roman Catholic) Religious, news, family programmes from USA & UK
590   The Word Network Programming from the USA for Urban Ministries and Gospel music.
591   Faith World TV Programming from London and Nigeria.
592   KICC TV From Kingsway International Christian Centre, London.
593   Believe TV Programming from Believe TV Limited.
594   Olive TV Based in London.
596   SonLife Broadcasting Network Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, USA.

Sky digital Christian Radio

0125   UCB UK Worship, contemporary Christian music, teaching, news and weather
0134   UCB Bible Non stop Bible reading to feed your spirit
0135   UCB Gospel Gospel music station that replaced UCB Talk.
0136   UCB Inspirational Great worship, easy listening Christian music, prayer and Newswatch
0138   Trans World Radio Teaching, preaching, news, worship, hymns, youth and features
0147   Eternal Word TV Network       (USA Roman Catholic) Current affairs, news, family programmes
0159   Family Radio (USA) Hymns, traditional worship and teaching
0186   Liberty Radio Christian weekdays 9am - noon. Otherwise secular easy listening music.
0203   CVC The Voice Asia Christian Radio for Hindi listeners.
0205   VOT Radio Christian Radio station from London.
0214   UCB Ireland Christian music, news and more from Ireland. A great alternative for all in the UK.

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What is the Sky Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)?

The ‘EPG’ is the channel numbering for all Sky channels. Sometimes called the 'Sky guide', it also gives a seven day programme schedule via the TV.
Any Sky digibox is automatically tuned to all channels on the Sky EPG. When a new channel is added, every Sky digibox is updated by a signal sent via satellite. The EPG includes both Free-to-Air and subscription channels. Free-to-Air broadcasters, like the BBC, ITV and Christian stations, pay Sky to put them on its EPG.

A non-Sky box will not ‘see’ (receive) the Sky EPG, so you have to manually tune in your own choice of channels. Frequencies are changed from time to time so you'll have to manually re-tune if one of the channels you watch has changed. This is an important point to consider when choosing between a Sky and a non-Sky system.

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What Programmes are on Christian TV and Radio?

The Sky website has an hour by hour programme guide, including all the Christian TV Channels, at Sky TV Listings.

Some Christian broadcasters give programme details on their websites. Check them out using the links in the list above.

What about other Satellite channels?

Tuning details for Non-Sky receivers

Other English speaking channels

Details of English speaking Christian TV channels that are not available on Sky can be found at Christ TV (Germany) which has an English language web page at http://www.christtv.de/index.php?templateid=news&id=56. Here you will find links to the websites of channels such as EWTN Europe, Daystar, TCT, Church Channel, JCTV and others that are broadcast mainly on the Hotbird satellites.
Details of frequencies and polarisation for these channels can be found at www.digitalsat.co.uk.

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