How I Use The Electronic Cigarette

apollo-e-cigsI have been trying to completely quit smoking for over a year now. While I’ve been aware of the dangers and wanted to stop for much longer, this past year has been all about seriously quitting! It’s also been one of the most challenging times for me too, because cigarettes have been such a huge part of my existence for so many years.

I tried going cold turkey on the first of January. That fizzled when I was suddenly up for a promotion at work. I simply caved under the pressure! Still, I was determined to keep up my efforts, so I bought every product available that could help me get control. I even got a prescription from my doctor for a serious medicine. While I followed the instructions exactly, that method just didn’t work out for me.

The patch helped me to gain a little bit of control over cravings, but never quite gave me what I really needed to master the mind over matter thing. Then I bought an electronic cigarette, and everything started changing in my favor. These things are very similar to real smoking, so I suddenly had a lot more power over the situation.

I used my e cig kit┬áto establish particular patterns to my smoking at different times, then I started curbing them. Gradually, I have total control over smoking! I no longer use tobacco, but still consider myself a smoker. Sort of. I have my doctor’s approval for now, although he’d like me to cease completely. I have come a long way and I’m proud of where I stand with cigarettes, thanks to the electronic version.

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